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When I was asked 'what does Awesome mean to you?' I replied for me, it's understanding that you have a choice in how you think and what you believe.

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daily practice of gratitude and journaling

You've been thinking about journaling for a while a now and you just don’t do it.’  Or perhaps it’s the time element, or the ‘what on earth do write’ element when those empty pages are staring back at you.

I get it, I really do, because that was me not so many years ago.

That's one of the reasons I created this guide to help and support you in your daily journaling practice and to start to make it a regular habit so that it can make a difference in your life.

Inside my e-book you'll find:

    • Part1: How, what and why
      What to write and how

    • Part 2: Consistency
      Making it part of your day

    • Part 3: Journaling Pillars
      The core areas of your life

  • Part 4: Intensify the feeling

         Feel the gratitude

  • Part 5: Freestyle
    Create your day

  • Part 6: All about you
    Making a difference

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"I was in a place where I didn't really know where to start with my issues. Nikie helped me untangle things and I have been able to make some positive changes"

Lillias D

"You are an amazing coach, Nikie. It felt like I’m in a right place in a right time. That place allowed me to be heard, speak out and share things I don’t share easily. There was no judgment. You asked the right questions to let me think even more and come up with a different view and visualisation. Saying all my thoughts loud is also a huge thing and makes them even more powerful. Thank you for allowing me to be me"

Shari B


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Like many other coaches I have a lot of tools at my fingertips to help and support my clients. Also, like many other coaches, I use journaling as one of those tools (one I’m passionate about in case you can't guess 😊) Request to join my  'Journaling Magic' Facebook Group - we start on 22nd March

Master the Magic


Join me in creating your individual success ritual based on YOUR life, what YOU really want and how YOU really want to feel. Come and explore the magic of consistent gratitude and journaling through my fully supported 30-day online program. Giving you the perfect outlet to express yourself in these challenging times and create your own framework for a better life.

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Book your discovery session: a powerful way to start your coaching journey with me. A discovery session is a complimentary, deep dive coaching session to explore what you really want. This is your opportunity to learn about the power of coaching and how I can bridge the gap for you between where you are now and where you want to be. Book now